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13th June 2003

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#1 12 years ago

or "FREE Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition" Modding is cool but too often involves getting a cheap no UI knock-off compiler. OR more often finding a torrent to an illegal version. I'd like to offer this alternative way to get a free LEGIT copy of VS2005 with the C++ compiler needed to work with any Quake, Cry or Torque game out there. Microsoft does these promotions periodically. MS isn't REALLY into the individual developer compiler business anymore - that's not where the cash is. They want to sell multiple enterprise copies to businesses and the more developers at those big companies that are already familiar with their products, the more easily the company will make a capital investment. Standard editions have become MS's marketing & educational tools. So, they just give away them away after a little indoctrinization. This site one way to get your own copy: Just listen to three presentations and they'll mail you a copy of MS VS 2005 SE. You can sign in using a hot mail account and give them a "separate" mailing address. Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Standard Edition Includes:

  • Microsoft Visual Basic®
  • Microsoft Visual C#®
  • Visual C++®
  • Microsoft Visual J#®
  • Tools for building Windows® and Web solutions
  • SmartPhone and Pocket PC development tools
  • Tools for visually designing databases, queries, and stored procedures

Once you get your VC++ compiler in the mail, you can EASILY follow all of the tutorials for compiling your favorite game's SDK and start creating your own mods... Hope this helps someone.


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#2 12 years ago

I started working on a mod for Nascar Racing 2003 Season. It is a modifieds mod. and actually all the programs for moding N2003 are free. so that is a cool thing.

You also don't need to use c++, another cool thing since i hate programming. I never really finished the mod because i spent about 5 months looking for people to help and couldnt find anyone with any skill that was interested. but if you are curious and want to see a picture of the model i made, i actually made it into a mod even with the unfinished model and it was fairly popular.

here is a link to the model. its the only one under the "3D" section