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#1 13 years ago

Hello, this tutorial will show you how to edit some of the footnotes and Briefings in America's Army maps.

I assume that you have a PC, America's Army 2.4 and NotePad or any type of text-editor (duh!) installed on your computer -- and that you have your default Hard Drive location set to C:\.

Note that I am NOT responsible towards whatever happens to your computer while doing what is needed in the tutorial! :eek:

So once you have agreed to that, do the following steps: :deal:

  • Open "My Computer"
  • Copy and paste C:\Program Files\America's Army\Briefings into your Explorer address bar.

Now at this point; you can choose which map whose briefings you would like to mod (Even single player maps! :p) but for the sake of this tutorial we will choose Pipeline, so --

  • Copy and paste pipeline.txt into the Briefings folder.(You will find pipeline.txt in the Briefings folder.)
  • Rename the copy of pipeline.txt into pipeline2.txt.
  • Select pipeline.txt by right-clicking and go to Properties, then uncheck the Read-Only box and click Apply.
  • Open pipeline.txt, remove the old text, and type whatever you would like to appear in the Briefings screen. [I wrote KFC p00ns j00. You can use that if don't have much of an imagination. :lol:]
  • Save pipeline.txt. :uhoh:

Ok, now for testing; we'll run a single-player map on AA as I am not sure whrether or not this works on a server... :uhm:

  • Run America's Army
  • From the main menu enter into the console `\~.
  • Type start pipeline
  • Ok from here on you press F1 and scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN, you will see the custom message you wrote in the .txt file! If you have gotten all the way here, a toast goes to you! :cheers:

Now for removing this mod; pretty easy to do.

  • Exit America's Army
  • Go to C:\Program Files\America's Army\Briefings (again :P)
  • Delete pipeline.txt
  • Rename pipeline2.txt to pipeline.txt

There you go; simple as that :)

I will be watching this thread. :Popcorn: So please send :feedback: and I will take any questions/or concerns that you all may have for me. :)