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#1 10 years ago

hopefully this is in the right section

Back in my younger years aka 5-6 years ago i used to play this game, but I've forgotten the name altogether:lol:. So if anyone can tell me what its called it'll really help. Alright so basically in this game you raced different types of cars in different parts of the world and on the moon. I remember that you could drive a hovercraft, camels and moon buggies. It was 3D game and had funny voice which did the commentry.

Anyone know what im on about?

cheers in advanced

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#2 10 years ago

The only racing game that I can remember that took you to the moon was Cruis'n World which was for the N64, and was released more than 6 years ago (late 90s iirc) You can help by saying what console it was for. That'll narrow down the list somewhat.