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#41 13 years ago

Bump. I've made an update. You can now help Me choose the Following Games: The Orange Box (PC) Crysis (PC) I decided to Deduct COD4 because, i realised that i could play Crysis on Medium Settings (Physics on High), and i had alot of fun destroying buildings and such. So now, Which should i get? TOB? or Crysis? I will get COD4 and GOW later though.


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#42 13 years ago

hmmm. alhtough im a big fan of crysis i have to say the orange box i mean come on 5 games for like 50 dollars man. plus TOB won the pc game of the year award.


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#43 13 years ago

I already made my Decision: (Drumroll) [COLOR=silver]The Orange Box[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Mainly Because i saw alot of videos for [COLOR=silver]Portal[/COLOR][COLOR=black] and [/COLOR][COLOR=silver]Team Fortress 2[/COLOR][COLOR=black] and i am very interested in both of them. Thank you all for your support and help :D[/COLOR][/COLOR]