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#1 7 years ago

something really scary is going around in my minecraft right now. I have my world open, but i have the window minimized because i'm too scared to bring it back up!!! so heres what happened. i had created a world, pulling up my fraps so that i could record, because me and my friends make videos together. Once i brought it up, I was lagging pretty bad. oh god, a sound is coming from my minecraft. ok, nevermind, back to what happened! I put my render distance to short, so that I could play without any lag, because that's the fog i put it to whenever i record. i had started recording, making my intro, and proceeding to break a tree down so that i could make my work bench. that's when something strange happened. one block of the tree came back, but the texture had gotten all messed up. it was a gradient of purple and black, but it looked as if it had been scratched up. (sort of like the error you get if you don't have counter strike source for garrys mod) i stared at it for a few seconds, before putting it off as a glitch. i left the area in a hurry, trying to avoid any more glitches because it would ruin my video. I made my way to the edge of a cliff, and made a shovel, digging myself to the bottom. that's when it happened again! I had dug myself into a 2x2 hole, and around me was dirt. A few of the blocks in front of me had gotten the same glitch, except the colors were off. one was yellow, another purple, and the rest were green. then I got mad. I had pressed the hotkey to stop recording, but the frames per second on my screen were still red. I started cursing, and pressing it even harder, but still, it wasn't stopping. I then heard and explosion outside at the bottom of the cliff. I stopped cursing, and at an instant, everything went silent. i heard a few steps outside, and i thought it was a pig or a cow, but then i swear i heard the sound of a cow being hit by a sword. I heard the scream. and i knew something was out there. the first thing that came to my mind was herobrine. I had never personally seen him, but that's what i first thought. I didn't really think that he was capable of holding weapons and tools, and being able to actually use them, and then i remembered the update log. 1.1, it didn't say herobrine was removed. I broke a block to look out and all i saw was the fog. I was too high to see the ground. I was scared at this point. I stood there for about 5 minutes before even moving my mouse. I started digging down again, ignoring the colors showing up on the blocks. that's when i heard something else. It wasn't a cow. it wasn't a pig. it wasn't a sheep. it wasn't anything. it was something different. but i don't know what it sounded like, that's the thing!!!!!! it was a mixture... something.. like every mob had been mixed into some dmemented creature! Then there was another explosion, and i swear i yelped, because half of the wall around me had blown up. unfortunately, most of the blocks around me had been sand, and it all collapsed on me. I looked through the hole while i was slowly dying. what i saw was hideous. i was right. it was something. a mixture. it stood about 12 to 14 blocks off of the ground, which is what i thought because the trees around him were shorter. i looked closer and i saw it's face. but that's the thing. there was no face. the body was everything. i have no idea what i'm meaning right now... but i neeed an explanation!!! please... if anyone's encountered anything like this... (which is highly unlikely!) please respond! I can tell you this is real! it's not fake i swear!!!) the next chance i get, i'll put some pics and maybe some sound up. maybe when i get this video done, i will too! thanks, and please respond... plus, sorry about all the typos and no punctuation, i was typing this in a hurry.

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#2 7 years ago
whoknows12;5612262plus, sorry about all the typos and no punctuation, i was typing this in a hurry.

People don't write novels in a hurry, bro.



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#3 7 years ago

It is very clear to me that your Minecraft install is haunted, and you must very quickly delete your system32 files. This will remove the apparition from your Minecraft install, thereby saving you and your household from the demons that will eventually and inevitably pour from your computer.

Trust me I'm a doctor.


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#4 7 years ago

Your Minecraft install is probably screwing with you because of your lack of punctuation, grammar and spelling whilst in the game.

It's a sign!

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#5 7 years ago
[COLOR=SeaGreen]I find your lack of grammar...disturbing.[/COLOR]


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#6 7 years ago

I see no reason to leave this thread open any longer.