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#1 11 years ago

Hey everyone, I'm new here on these forums, and there's a problem I need some assistance with, so I hope you guys and girls here can help me out a bit.

I have a problem with Parasite Eve 2, and I am not sure what the problem is. Allow me to explain.

I cleared disc 1, and now it asks for the 2nd disc. Whenever I insert the 2nd disc it says "wrong disc". In 2 weeks or so I'll have my original copy of PE2, but so far I'm playing a pirated copy (please don't flame me for this, in Croatia it's really hard, if not impossible to find games such as PE2 or FF7, and I've been looking for ages, and FINALLY I found someone who can arrange it for me).

Now the thing is, I have 3 different 2nd discs of PE2. I am 100% sure that the game on the disc is PE2, no doubt about that. But it always says wrong disc.

Can anyone tell me what the problem might be?

Is it possible for the save file to be corrupted in some way?

The memory card is original, as well as everything else, except the copy of PE2, although the copy can't be a problem because I have 3 different PE2 games and no disc works (2 of those games I got recently, like 2 days ago). I already cleared PE2 like 7-10 times (lost count lol), so I KNOW that the discs are PE2. So the only thing left to assume is that there's something wrong with the file. I tested the memory card and it's perfectly fine, it loads and saves all other games perfectly. Is it possible for the save file to be corrupted somehow?

Thanks for reading guys and girls, hope you can help me with this, and I hope I didn't put you to sleep.