I have an idea for a new game - which way would be the best to make game companies hear about it? 1 reply

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#1 8 years ago

Alright, title explains itself. And yes, I know how unlikely it is to happen. But the thing is, I wrote around 130 pages details about it, from the details of looks, to the classes, the gameplay, the problems that might be encountered in development. And it's still not ready, but I have a perfect sample for it. If anyone is interested of hearing about it, I can put up some samples of text in here too, just to tease ya :3 I'll be open to any suggestions about game developers, but I want to heavily put the weight on the fact, that this project would be big as hell. And the game represents a new genre possibly. I can even try some artwork, but I do not have a scanner, and for computer graphics, I'm horrible at them :p

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#2 8 years ago

Wow.. 130 pages...

Reallly, there is no good company to pitch it too, most companies come up with ideas internally. BUT! If you where to go to a company, Id try either an Indie Developer or someone like Ubisoft. Actually EA too.