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#1 11 years ago

=IA= Insane army is recruiting new members and we want you!!

Who are we? - Mature group of gamers who need players for matches. Skill is not 100% necessary we will work with you remember nobody is good at everything but everybody is good at something.

What can we offer: - 16 man honor server ( join us for fun) (24/7) uptime - TS Server AND Ventrilo Server - We play in matches and are a good supportive group - And much more

Requirements: - Be mature on TS And Vent but still be able to have fun and joke - Be 16 years or older. - Be willing to use TS, Vent AND Xfire all the times - You must be active (2-3 times a week, we realize you have a life lol but try to make time for us :P) - Respect us AND all other clans and players. - Be willing to have fun and be supportive - Donaters are appreciated to cover $77.95 USD

If you're interested, join our Vent server at and speak to any =IA= Member or post on our website http://insanearmy.com