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Greetings !

After many monthes, and a lot of work, I'm proud to announce that you can now register to Immortal's War!

This is the first production of the Giantz team, a webgame mixing strategy, roleplaying and cards game. The gods allow you to build your own personnal army to participate to the war and gain immortality. You can chose your troops between about 60 historical and mythological units, and lead them into battle to crush your adversary!

Here are a few examples of the available units:

ama1.jpg ama2.jpg [COLOR=blue]Amazon (Mediterraneans) : [/COLOR]When the sistre resounds, Amazons charge riding horses, wearing their half-moon light shields, lances, bows and double-headed bronze axes. These warlike women couple themselves only with their powerfuller prisoners, keeping their daughters and eliminating their sons, and all their hostages.

nem1.jpg nem2.jpg [COLOR=green]Nemed (Occidental Hordes) :[/COLOR] Nemeds are crowned people, which live in autarky on their average-sized island. Their grounds abound in richness, which always attracted covetousness of their neighbours. But even after centuries of war, the people of these stagmen fight unceasingly and without failing push back invaders.

shi1.jpg shi2.jpg [COLOR=brown]Shinobi (Oriental Clans) :[/COLOR] When the traditional warriors prove to be inefficient to kill an enemy, then the best solution is definetely to call upon a shinobi. These assassin-spies, are famous for their effectiveness and their discretion. The rumour would like that they even have magic capacities, but nobody survived to testify about it.

Of course, you will find more informations about the game on the official website.. The beta-test will beginn soon, and if you want be part of the "Bug Hunters" feel free to register now on IMMORTAL'S WAR!

See you soon, The Giantz team (Jikay, Loboxine and myself)