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#1 16 years ago

Greetings, I'm HolyCircle, Guild Master of Dead Eternity.

In just few weeks new ShadowBane world, Wrath, will be launched. My Guild, along with tons of others, and even more players will be heading for that new server. This is a great opportunity for new players, or even former SB players to check this great game. If you are interested in hardcore PvP, large scale Guild battles, building cities, or burning them to the ground *grin*, you should check this game out!

Here is a short advertising message one of my fellow SB players made, which might encourage you to play SB.

"Shadowbane 15 day Trial.

A fresh shadowbane server is launching in the next few days called "Wrath". Come join the world and play shadowbane how it was meant to be played.

Whats Shadowbane? Watch this video, right click /save target as :

Get hold of a free 15 day trial CD key from

Purchase the full game at

You'll find a great FAQ and player guide here :

Shadowbane is the most dynamic siege/pvp mmorpg on the market and every major patch continues to be dedicated to improving pvp.

Enjoy. "

If any of you decide to play ShadowBane, and will need a Guild, check DE out.

HolyCircle Guild Master of Dead Eternity