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#1 4 months ago

There are rumors currently circulating that there may be a Resident Evil TV series in the works for popular internet streaming service Netflix, hot on the heels of the recently released Resident Evil 2 Remake. 

It's apparently being produced by Constantin Film, the same company who have produced the movie series for the franchise, although there's no confirmed names working on the project as of yet. It's suggested the series will expand on existing Resi mythology and expose more of the inner workings of Umbrella Corporation, possibly being set in a post-outbreak world where the T-Virus has spread.

But the question is - will this series be any good? The movie series, while successful at the box office, are arguably not well received by the series' video game fans. By being produced by the same company as the film series though, and no doubt therefor being in the same universe, it seems unlikely this will change, but regardless of how faithful the series turns out against the video game series, it'll certainly be one to watch and will no doubt bring in a lot of revenue for Netflix and the studio.

I'll be sticking to Resident Evil 2 Remake for now, though.

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