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#1 12 years ago

I installed B&W2 last nite, and was too bombed to play, so when I woke up this morning I started it up. I get the splash screen, followed by a "fatal error" pop-up, stating "Could not create 3D device." I'm not sure how to fix it, I just got my new laptop, and it well meets the requirements. I've been working on this since 9 30 this morning, and have downloaded all Windows and B&W updates. I don't believe my drivers need updated, since I just reinstalled them the nite before last, and it was automatically updated. If anybody can help, please? I think it's the same problem that occurs when the white.exe error pops up. Thanks!


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#2 12 years ago

Make sure that you have updated your DirectX to 9.0c.

Also, check that your card is supported.

To run correctly, Black & White® 2 requires: DirectX 9.0c DirectX 8/9 based Video card which supports at least version 1.1 pixel shaders Video cards based on the following chipsets are supported: ATI Radeon 8500 9100 9200 9250 9500 9550 9600 9700 9800 X300 X600 X700 X800 X850 nVidia GeForce 6200 6600 6800 FX5200 FX5500 FX5600 FX5700 FX5800 FX5900 FX5950 PCX5300 PCX5900 Ti4200 Ti4600 Ti4800 If you are experiencing problems with your video card and Black & White® 2, try updating your video card driver by downloading the latest driver available from the video card manufacturer. If there is no improvement, try using the latest driver provided by the video chipset manufacturer. Your video card chipset is the video processing chip located on your video card. If there is no information in your video card manual or website, check the video card for an identifying chip with the chipset manufacturer's name on it. For AGP cards, you need to make sure your AGP Aperture is set correctly - For 64Mb video cards, you need at least 32mb of AGP. For cards with 128Mb+, you need at least 64 mb of AGP aperture. Check your AGP is working by selecting Start Menu-Run dxdiag. If AGP is working, the display tab should show AGP Texture Acceleration: Enabled 64mb-128mb video cards require 64 - 128 mb of AGP ram on AGP systems (256mb video cards or PCI express systems do not need this) If you experience performance issues then please use the command line modifier 'MINSPEC' from the start menu to downgrade the graphics shaders. If you are experiencing performance issues on video cards with less than 128Mb of RAM then we recommend using the command line modifier 'LOWMEM'.


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#3 12 years ago

Thank you for the Cut & Paste of the Readme file. My commandline now looks like: ""C:\Program Files\Lionhead Studios\Black & White 2\white.exe"-MINSPEC -LOWMEM" and this does nothing. Is there some mystery method of doing this that the cut & paste is lacking? I've run the EA diagnostic and it says that everything I have is fine. DirectX InformationVersion 9.0cLong Version 4.09.0000.0904Display Device (Primary Only)SiS 650_651_M650_740


Description SiS 650_651_M650_740Manufacturer Silicon Integrated Systems CorporationGUID D7B71ED9-2065-11CF-F373-A0A0AFC2CD35 Driver

Version SiSGRV.dllDate 8-2-2002 Memory

Local 128.0Local 103.5Non-Local 52.0Texture 103.5Sound Device (Primary Only)C-Media Wave Device


Description C-Media Wave DeviceManufacturer C-Media IncGUID BD6DD71A-3DEB-11D1-B171-00C04FC20000 Driver

Version cmuda.sysDate 12-15-2005 Capabilities

Max 3D Buffers 33Supports Mono Output TrueSupports Stereo Output True Suggestions?

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#4 12 years ago

It must be your graphics card, if the direct x is fine, then it must be your graphics card, some games are very fussy over what graphics they like and choose to operate with, check the back of the box to see if yours can work with it.