It's Going from Bad to Worse for Bethesda in Customer Data Leak 2 replies

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#1 1 week ago

It's been a rough old time for Bethesda lately, with the poor reception of Fallout 76 by many fans being continually brought to the forefront by a seemingly non-stop barrage of problems from bugs in the game to the wrong material bags in the collectors edition.

And it what is now becoming a comedy of errors, it's Bethesda's delayed promise to fix that particular bag issue which has now landed them in their next controversy, by accidentally revealing customer names, addresses and telephone numbers of those who have raised a support ticket for a replacement bag, this time actually made of canvas.

The issue happened today when gamers who logged into the Bethesda website to view or update a support ticket could, for a period of time, access everyone elses customer tickets, too. These tickets include names, emails, and even physical addresses in some cases.

There were even attachments on some of the tickets which showed information such as the last four digits of credit card numbers, among other things.

Bethesda released a statement on Twitter, stating;

— Bethesda Support (@BethesdaSupport) December 6, 2018

It remains to be seen what damage, if any, will come of this, as it takes only one bad actor to steal personal data and start using it for fraudulent purposes. There's also the new GDPR laws in Europe to consider, with Bethesda potentially facing hefty fines in a worst case scenario.

Will Bethesda's bad luck subside soon? Only time will tell. In the mean time, I'll continue enjoying Fallout 76, even if it does seem like the world is ending all around it.

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#2 1 week ago

Booo! Fallout 76! etc.

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#3 1 week ago

Man, I'm feelin' bad for Bethesda these days.

They posted an update on their twitter with additional details on how many tickets were affected and what was visible.