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11th January 2003

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#1 6 years ago

Just my feedback: the game could have been AWESOME! The new plan & go system is great! Graphics are beautiful.

But they made some simple stupid mistakes that ruin the fun totally:

1) no fog of war: seriously: a tactic game where you see the enemy all the time? Enemies cannot flank you, cannot surprise you, it's just plain boring now!

2) Even more stupid Ai than in the 10+ year old original game! Enemies run towards you and they don't recognize, when their comrades are killed 20 meters away

3) you can instantly heal soldiers, even if they already blacked out: a medic needs only seconds to bring them back to full power... damn, this is NOT WOW!

4) Soldiers don't ask for a salary anymore... you pay once and they fight for life time...

so no planning, no surprises... the game could have been fantastic and they ruined it!

Here are two vids that show how easy you can kill the enemies... giving some tactic tips in case you want to still buy the game .

JA: Tactic how to become a mass murder - YouTube


JA: How to plan and win fights (Plan and Go) - YouTube

and how to quickly exchange items between soldiers: JA How to exchange inventory items - YouTube