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#41 13 years ago
Crossbolt;3706655It's a technical classification. Or it's technically a classification. Your choice.



I left this blank.

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#42 13 years ago
Jaden Kenobi;3699734Not all is yet confirmed so everything in the open and if its not gonna be a Third Person action then who are we suppose to wield the lightsaber in it? [/quote] You play as Darth Vaders apprentice. Sent to kill Palpatine. [quote=Kenyou101;3706110]Next-Gen power= EUPHORIA, look it up. It's really cool they (lucasarts) are doing the same thing for most of their new games

Also, try a look at DMM(Digital Molecular Matter). Look it up on Youtube. Its fantastic.

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#43 13 years ago

Let me correct you there on little part.. You play as Vader´s Secret Apprentice and mostly you mission is the continue of the Great Jedi Purge, they even confirmed that Shaak Ti would appear in the game in Felucia (maybe a boss I dont know) Though you can choose if you follow either the Light or Dark side, as they talk stuff about decisions that affect your desteny so my guess is you can. But the story for it that I have read for it is: You are Vader´s bla bla.. we know it.. And you have some feeling about your pilot, June Eclipse, which flys you around planet to planet, which will probably end up in love storyline much like in KotOR. I also agree with Cap. Chordata that this game will have a light RPG feauture as your probably seen in most trailers, there a Male and Female character so Im guessing you get to pick the name, gender, and aspect of your character which to me is growing feature that should be added in all game nowadays in my opinion.

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#44 13 years ago

This is becoming entirely about The Force Unleased now and less about JKA, so I'll dump it in General Gaming.

GG mods, I'd appreciate it if you could merge it in with the other TFU thread(s) for a sort of "general discussion" topic about Force Unleashed and it's impact on the Star Wars genre or whatever.


I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.

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#45 13 years ago

Kyle is getting older, and the Dark Forces series follows Kyle. Jedi Academy simply gave players more force options, a good storyline (with Kyle in it), and the ability to play Outcast with spiced up action involving the lightsaber side of things. Some new games that could be made could be prequels, when he was with the Empire, and other special stories that happen inside his life.

Whether or not the game will happen, Lucasarts said that they are not abandoning the games that they made over the past few years that turned out to be a large success. Knights of the Old Republic, Battlefront, those two series really became famous and award winning. They do not want to leave those games behind. So it is likely that we will see from them, but I do not think we will see from the DF series at all. The Force Unleashed will most likely take its place. I hate to say it, but it is probably true.

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#46 13 years ago
sithlord6;3708900I don't have a PS3 or X360 (down with Sony & Microsoft!). I heard a while ago that they were making a DS one, is that still in the making or was it nixed?

According to the site (Lucas Arts), a third party developer (n-Space Inc.) is releasing the DS version. The DS version is the one I am planning on buying. I'm willing to sacrifice gameplay and graphics for portability.