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[COLOR=red]The Alpha Federation ====================[/COLOR] Hello! If you are reading this, you have chosen the right thread. Alpha Federation is a Clan, but the clan is more of a gaming community. Alpha Federation is also militarily based, with many ranks to gain and units to join. If you want a no-bullshit mature gaming community, this is the place to join. Alpha Federation prides itself in being an eighteen year and older clan. From prior experiences, the owners of the Clan have spent many tireless hours in other Military Structured clans. Now they have their own – Alpha Federation. The Alpha Federation will go through many hurdles to become one of the greatest gaming communities. Alpha Federation is structured so that while you may have a rank, you are still entitled to have fun – no rigorous schedules or time restraints. Then again, if you want to make yourself known, anyone can work hard, and inspire others.

[COLOR=red]About Alpha Federation ====================[/COLOR] Organized, and Created on June 29th, 2006, the Alpha Federation is a relatively new clan – with new ideas, techniques, and skills. The Alpha Federation is a strict eighteen and older clan, we do not deal with immature bullshit. We have a zero tolerance policy; the creators have gone through too much drama to take anymore. Alpha Federation will pride itself to be one of the greatest and organized gaming communities in the world. Although we are based in the United States, we are a Federation because no matter what ethnicity you are, everyone is welcomed, from all over the world. Alpha Federation also spans many games. Our number one policy is to have fun.

[COLOR=red]Join =AF= Today! ====================[/COLOR] Join our gaming community! It is very simple and you will gain great experience in which to use in the future. Come join us on Teamspeak at Alpha Federation has two units which need strong capable leaders, as well as skilled soldiers for competitive leagues! Alpha Legion and Bravo Legion are two great battle contingents that will train you to the best in the virtual world. Join the Legions today!

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