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#1 13 years ago

We are interested in starting Joint Operations Squads in our Group

{URC} "Where to Serve is an Honor!"

{URC} USMC Recon Clan has an Excellent Opportunity within our Organization. We are looking for mature players interested in becoming a part of our organization/family of friends. If you are match ready or could be within 2 months. We started out as a Mohaa Clan where we retired #1 in Mohaa Clanbase Roundbase, #1 on AGL, and #1 TWL RB as well. Now we are a multigaming group who focus on ALL Military based games.

What we here at USMC Recon Clan are looking for in a New Member:

1. Players who are able to help manage this Division appropriately.

2. Players with an overall knowledge of all aspects of this Game.

3. Strong skills in any of the following: infantry tactics, sniper, etc. with the ability to properly train others in the above skills in addition to training others as trainers themselves.

4. Have the time available to be an active part of the Battalion.

5. Communicate well with {URC} leadership about your needs, goals, ideas, and focus, prior to implementing them and be able to discuss needs of division and request assistance.

6. Once you move into a Leadership Role, you must 1st be able to Manage a Squad of players (6 person team minimum).

7. As a Leader you need the ability to be online regardless of Computing problems, i.e. have a backup PC for Communication, Cell #, Internet Cafe, Library, etc.

8. Agree to {URC} rules and Teamspeak Rules: http://www.urcclan.net/site/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=3&sid=2c448cc796f174c550d6401f2d9b0379

9. Uses an array of Instant Messengers MSN being main one with 1 main email that is checked on a regular basis.

10. Can use Teamspeak (working mic and speakers/headset).

The type of Members we are looking for, Personal attributes needed:

1. Clean language – i.e. NO Cussing on Teamspeak or in any typing.

2. NO Sexual innuendos,

3. Family oriented…

4. Disciplined.

5. Organized.

6. Respectful and considerate of others.

7. Has depth.

8. Not necessary, but preferable, a military history whether it be personal or family history/background.

9. Can work well with others within an organized structure, i.e. not lose one’s temper and blow up, but handles situations tactfully.


1. Our Battalion Rank structure is based on simplified Marine Corp.

2. {URC} Leadership will assist you with whatever your needs are. An admin for League Play is assigned to assist your division with ladder set up.

3. Unlimited 24/7 use of Teamspeak.

4. Personalized {URC} Emails and accounts (we have these available but currently they are not mandatory).

5. Excellent financial plan for future expansion.

6. {URC} is a growing Gaming Organization with strong assets, leadership, stable environment, with 4 years as an established Group.

7. I could go on with a huge list of benefits but I’ll end with the most amazing part of being involved with us: To be part of a family of friends. You literally have a home with us.

To apply please go to our site www.urcclan.net and file out the recruitment form up top left. We will get with you asap.

{URC} USMC Recon Clan is a Multi-Gaming Organization - Our primary goal is to maintain a great clean atmosphere for a gaming "family", to have a BLAST and lots of Fun! However, we do require our leaders to be strong, well disciplined, and organized. We currently are involved in: Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Call of Duty, CoD UO, Counter Strike, Counter Strike Source, Halflife2, Source, etc., Enemy Territory, Ghost Recon, Raven Shield, Alien vs Pred II, Diablo2, Ages of Empires II (AoK & Conquerors), Guild Wars, Star Craft, etc. We are constantly adding to this list. All it takes is a Sgt. to begin the creation of a new Squad, then Company. Each Game is either a Squad, Company, or Battalion depending on it's size.

I look forward to getting to know you.

{URC} "Where to Serve is an Honor!"


{URC}CiC-DragonLord Ps.91:13 kjv


{URC}USMC Recon Clan www.urcclan.net


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#2 13 years ago

yo buddy if you have not done so can u make a lost of your clan info team name members ranks an tos eit in the offical thred so we can get count of how meany clans are out there an that are looking for peoepl