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#31 15 years ago
wigglewormNo need to post twice but I don't think I'll be betting against you lol. I think it will too.

if you havent noticed, the admins wont let you edit messages for more than 30 mins, impossible for me not to double post, although, next time, i will wait for another post. back on subject. _______________________________ if it does come out before stalker, is there any chance that it will be great enough to hold us over? stalker is so great, and compared to it this is so miniscule. well, PREY is going to own too, cant wait for that. people will finally look at the D3 engine with respect it deserves graficly and mathmaticly triumphing over source. i hear they are also working the the D3 physics enhancing them a bit, to be almost as good as ODE, it will perform something similar to havock without all the crap. again, thats a diffrent topic. i hope just cause changes its name, because eveyone console gamer i know will look at me funny, some diddnt know what hl2 was, lmao, consolers....


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#32 15 years ago

Umm, I think Prey will be good also. But I don't think that this game will be miniscule in comparison to Stalker. Stalker will definitely own it but the sheer scale of this game with all it's vehicles, missions and areas to explore I think it should be quite good if Avalanche work with it well.