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#11 8 years ago
>Omen<;5406389At least the people picked for the project are far better than Uwe Boll. I actually liked Hitman the movie and thought Olyphant played the part pretty well. I also asked some friends both gamer's and non gamers what they thought of it and most liked it. When you think about it, Just Cause the movie has a chance to be better than the game. The game is very arcade and immature, with no story depth and as mentioned, the voice acting is quite strange. When it comes right down to it the shallow story, over the top action, and crazy stunts in Just Cause are more befitting a cheesy action movie than a video game.

The Hitman movie could have been great, if it actually had anything to do with the game series. All they did was copy the protagonist, and grab the Hitman logo/name. Nothing in the movie had anything to do with the game series. Nothing. I found Olyphant to be a terrible Agent 47, and I know I'm not the only one. As for Just Cause, it's supposed to be arcade. Unlike other games, it didn't try to be a movie. It tried to be good old fashioned fun, with no story to drive it forward. And it succeeded. I wish more games would be like that. Jumping from a plane in midair to a boat heading into a military base is fun. Corridors with predictable enemy spawn points are not.

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