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8th March 2005

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#1 14 years ago

-={KAOT}=- is looking for some new members.

We are a small, friendly clan with fun to play with members.

We are currently allied with {DMS}, -=(WAR)=-, and H!

Currently, we offer a 24/7 TS server. If we get enough members, we will look into getting a dedicated game server as well (the leader runs a server, but not 24/7)

We are lightly involved in TWL.

If you are looking for a small clan with friendly members, we are for you. Just stop by out forums at http://kaot.ibsz.com or email us at [email="kaot.clan@gmail.com"]kaot.clan@gmail.com[/email] You can access our TS from our site. Thanks! -={KAOT}=-scts102