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#1 12 years ago
At =KAW= we consider ourselves to be a bridge between the hardcore and casual gamer. We offer enough action and events for even the most hardcore gamer, while still taking a casual approach to a lot of our events and strategies. =KAW= is looking for first and foremost team orientated players that are mature, respectable, and polite when needed. But are still willing and able to give and take some of the harassment that’s become the trademark of the clan. =KAW= is all about fun and having a good time, and we’d love to see you come give us a try. We like to be regarded as not only a clan, but a family. Our main goal is to have fun above all else. We pride ourselves in building companionship and camaraderie within our =KAW= community. With that in mind, we approach gaming with respect and dedication for one another. In effort to maintain order, we base ourselves off of a written document, deemed the Rules of Engagement (ROE). This document consists of all =KAW='s rules, regulations, and procedures. Visit our website today at www.killatwill.org If you're interested in joining, please fill out a Clan Application Kill At Will Please read over and familiarize yourself with our Kill At Will: Rules (Rules Of Engagement) Make sure you have Teamspeak TeamSpeak and XFIRE Xfire - gaming simplified. You can contact any of the Generals listed below for assistance again thanks for you interest in Kill At Will. E-mail our Generals Silentblade - [EMAIL="silentblade@killatwill.org"]silentblade@killatwill.org[/EMAIL] Sharpie - [EMAIL="sharpie@killatwill.org"]sharpie@killatwill.org[/EMAIL] Mac - [EMAIL="mac@killatwill.org"]mac@killatwill.org[/EMAIL] Remember to tell them Ely sent you!!! We hope to see you on the field, solider!