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#1 16 years ago

Looking for a very active, dedicated clan? Do you play Americas Army alot? If you meet the requirements below you could be the next member of the killabeez!

  1. [color=yellow]Must play atleast 7 hours a week.[/color]
  2. [color=yellow]Must have a minimum honor of 20.[/color]
  3. [color=yellow]Must be loyal to all clan members and treat your leaders with respect.[/color]
  4. [color=yellow]Must be willing to donate monthly dues in the amount of $5.[/color]
  5. [color=yellow]Dont give [KB] a bad Reputation.[/color]
  6. [color=yellow]Must have TeamSpeak 2 or be willing to get it.[/color]
  7. [color=yellow]Must have a highspeed connection - no dial up please!![/color]
  8. [color=yellow]No Cheating !!![/color]
  9. [color=yellow]You must use this format for your name [KB]Your Name{?}[/color]
  10. [color=yellow]Must be 18 yrs old.[/color]
  11. [color=yellow]Only be a member of one clan.[/color]
  12. Be a active member of [KB] www.killabeez.org for more info!