Keyboard and Mouse or Control Pad? 102 replies

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#101 13 years ago
MattychopsIf you do verse him I bet he will use a keyboard and just say it was his controller if he wins. Teeheehee.

No, i will use my controller and if i loose i'll say i was using a keyboard. HOWEVER THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN... becasue i dont play what you want, i play what i want - when i want - where i want. And Quake 3/4 is a very poor choice of game. I will challang you at Far Cry Instincts (360). Sorry Roast Beef Curtins, you dont get your way today! :lol: :lol: :0wned: :0wned: :0wned:


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#102 13 years ago

Keyboard and mouse. For the love of GOD, keyboard and mouse. I can hardly use controllers at all. Whenever I play Halo with my friends, I'm pretty horrible, I just can't use that controll pad. I mostly play FPS games on the computer, but I can't get it right on consoles. It's too awkward.

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#103 13 years ago

This thread has gone far enough