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#1 16 years ago

Hi all we have launched our new portal @

We are looking for official reviewers, news reporters and photographers. Info on these can be found below:


Have you ever looked at a so called professional reviewer and you thought that you can do better ?

If so then this is for you !. With our new website you can post your reviews or previews that will get instantly added to our website which then be seen by fellow Xcandy users from all over the world. From your review other users will be able to comment on the item, rate the game or movie and more ! Every review you post will be also accesible via each item with also and option to contact you.

Features of Reviewer Include

Star Ratings Image Uploads Type of Item ( Action, Comedy.. etc ) Create a custom poll for any of your posts


News Reporter

Don't have enough cash to play games ? Heres the solution When you sign up to be a news reporter all your news reports will be automatically added to the Frontpage of the site with your name on it!

Features of News Reporter Include

Automatic news posting Image Uploads Create a custom poll for any of your news report



Not really a typing person ? You can be an Xcandy Photographer where you can upload screenshots to our gallery which will be automatically added with thumbmail creation. Each screenshot you upload will have your name with a link to your profile.

Features of Photographer Include Send an Ecard of the Image Users can Rate image Users can Comment on Image Users can Save to their Lightbox Users can Download Users can Download as Zip


We are looking forward to hearing from you !