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#1 9 years ago

So the demo came out last night on Xbox Live and the PSN. I downloaded it and played.

For those who dont know the games story its your basic the worlds under siege from the enemy and ur the hero who saves everyone, cept you die lol. you are reborn in a pile of bodies as the fateless one.

so when the demo started The first thing I noticed was the dialogue was spot on. the voices for the characters are differant and they move there mouths pretty close to making the word. after a bit of banter between 2 gnomes you get to create ur char. in the demo they acctoully let you make ur char. the systeme for making it resembles DA2.

Now oce u made what he or she looks like and after u get dumped on a pile of bodies and return to life you get to move around. first thing that cought my eye is that its very smooth. also when you are not sprinting you still move pretty fast.

Combat is awesome as well. its hit the button and it happens. but at the same time there is more. if your more a rogue player you can do sneak kills witch look amazing. and there are a variety of them as well. as a warrior its just swing your sword like a psycho but you get a skill that pulls enemies to you wich helps loads. as a mage there is a skill menu sort of thing. you hold R1 and it brings it up then u just press the respective button and you do the attack all while still moving about. all and all wichever class you wanna play (or if u play a combination) it will be a fun new experiance. I cought myself using magic attacks even though I was a warrior. the last thing I loved is the fate attack sorta thing its a speacial thing where u get faster and stronger while the enemy gets slower. also in the form you can go a speacial takdown that gets extra exp. it looks amazing and there are mant animations for it.

Now once you get through the begining you get to roam for 45 min (the timer stops whe talking to people and when in the pause menu). but as awesome as this demo was there are many glitches. basic ground issues to stuff like the audio just completly dying on you. hopefully they fix that in the real game cuz its awesome.

I highly recamend you check this demo out. It is free so have fun.

Have a good one folks Reks