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Description Free 2D mmorpg, created and designed with xtremeworlds rpg maker. Konma online is a game set in a medieval time period when war raged between Creatures of all different races. You are a soldier that has just been deployed into enemy territory to eliminate your opponent and to solve missions on the way. Choose from three different positions of calvary the melee warrior who uses the strongest of weapons, or the melee ranger which assassinates its enemy from afar. Or bring destruction using the special ops class to use magical abilities only known to the military. Konma online is a free medieval 2D community that is willing to make friends.

Download:http://www.filefront.com/15255005/Konma%20Online.rar - Extract to desktop run client. Website: New! Free 2D mmorpg - Main

No Need to continually reset the iP as i have a dedicated no-ip.

Game Information Sprites- 32x32 Overworld- 140 maps & growing Roleplaying World: (Max level 50) Game engine- Xtremeworlds 1.0.2

Features Quest System Spells/Skills Bank Kill counter Fair PVP Balanced leveling

Level Ranking System: -Private -sergeant -lieutenant -Corporal -General -Commander Chief

Quest System Spells/Skills Player Houses Bank Advanced Classes Paperdoll Jobs: -Fishing -Mining -Wood Cutting -Cooking -Medic Boating Item Merging Leg Slot Ring Slot Gloves Slot Game Fixes Guild System Party System Kills Counter Player List Friends List and Much more..

New Features to Come: Equipment Slots (+Boots, +Ring(s), +Amulet(s) +Belt) Fixed Guild Members List Scripted Items, Spells, NPC's Party Menu PvP/Faction Kill Counter Spell Buffs (Temp increase HP/MP/SP) New Vitality Attribute Elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Lightning) Visual Bank Visual Sell Items Click-To Move

want to see Screenshots? Visit the website now.