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#1 13 years ago

Ok im going to be making a First Person Shooter Game

I could use some help from some people

i will take any help i could get

Game Title: Kraxor Game Type: First Person Shooter Website: Coming Soon ScreenShots: Yes Weapons So Far: 6 Rooms: 3 Characters: 1

The Team: Flacid(Founder)(Map Designer) xfire- flacidassassin Deranged Duck(Programmer)(Map Designer) xfire- sirnoveti Bloodfiend(Story writer) xfire- kps210

All Jobs Open

1 New Map Coming Soon

Money Donated: Deranged Duck - 53$

Programs: FPS Creator



Mini Machine Gun:


Nano Machine Gun:

Sword Model 1:

Sword Model 2:



Unknown Name:


Story Line: Kraxor: I sit here pondering this existence of ours, such as why we were put here on this planet we call earth, when all of a sudden a loud sound emerged from the outside like a meteor coliding with earth. I ran outside to check the situation out. I looked in awe as I saw smoke and what looked like the fires of hell emerged from over the hills beyond. All of a sudden an explosion comes from the burning hills destroying everything in it's path leaving nothing behind, just as it gets to me, I'm not there anymore.

Bounty Hunter Girl: Hello Kraxor, we saved you, and brought you here to help us take out these things that just destroyed your world. Kraxor: Where are we? Bounty Hunter Guy: Well, space of course.

Kraxor: Well What The Hell Happened?

Bounty Hunter Girl: Well Sir. We Were Hit By Some Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).

Bounty Hunter Guy: And From What Our Radar Detects It Seems Like Its Some Kind Of Machines.

Kraxor: Is There Some Reason Why They Are Here.

Bounty Hunter Girl: we have some Intel about that, but we’re looking into it for more detail. By the way my name is Kiara and that’s (looks at bounty hunter guy) mm.. (interrupted by maxi)

Maxi: Maximus is the name, But u can just call me Maxi.

Kiara: (coughs )… as I was saying maxi is one of the many male bounty hunters. He and I will be helping you out in the field.

Kraxor: What about the females?

Computer: attention, all on ship prepare for battle, we have borders!!!

Kiara: your questions will have to wait Nexus prepare for battle. (tosses him machine pistol)

And they head into battle..

After battle..

Kraxor: What the hell were those things?

Kiara: Those are what we call….. They are the only things that have attacked us so far, and as u noticed they’re not as easy as they seem.

Maxi: I don’t think that we got em all…

Computer: All evacuate, enemy ships on collide course, no way to avoid the collision.

(enemies on ship attack)

Kraxor: ****ing hell

Maxi: you two go I’ll stay and fight them off. (yells battle cry and runs into battle)

Kiara: ok, Kraxor you first (Kraxor heads into pod) (Kiara looks back and then follows)

Kraxor: so.. you never answered my question.


So if anyone wants to help at all please let me know

i have all jobs open


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#2 13 years ago

Are you leasing an engine or are you using that 'Create a FPS' game?