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Laguarda is a new Adult social server you must be 18 and over to join. Log In Welcome to Laguarda. This is an adult server which you must be 18 years of age or older to play on. Here are some good helpful hints 1. Please visit the PWC, HAK, and Override Files page listed under Important Information to download the current files needed to play. 2. Also please visit the Laguarda Purpose and Laguarda Rules pages Listed in Important Information section and read them both thoroughly. 3. When First logged in talk to Maliora the Guardian in OOC, who will give you some important information, a PC viewer, Keys to laguarda, XP and starting gold. 4. Visit the Tailor Shop in Laguarda for clothing and altering its appearance 5. Visit the Merchants in laguarda for gear or needed items. There is also merchants on the pirate ship in Pearls Bay that sells better gear. 6. The Laguarda Crypts are a good place to start your first hunt. 7. Going outside the front gates leads you to the Crossroads which will allow you to get to other areas in Laguarda's Territory.

[COLOR=yellow]***PLEASE NOTE***[/COLOR] resting on this server does not save your character file. Please right click on your character, choose PC Tools, and click Save Character to save. This is useful because it allows you to save at any point and often withtout resting and disrupting spells etc.

ALways be sure to check forums often to check for news and updates.

Thanks for choosing Laguarda, and enjoy yourself!!!


Just a side note. some of the sites we have been able to store the files needed to play on this server are in fact on a french site. Our server master is french and those sites are free and dont cost a thing for her to store them for us.

When you go to download one of the files like the PWC for instance and it takes you to a french site .......... DONT PANIC!!

you will see something like this that says ........... [COLOR=yellow]Télécharger ce fichier[/COLOR] that is what you click on to begin download. Now just above that is a drop down arrow with 3 selections. Pick the selection that is your connection speed. The first and top default selection is for dsl or cable modem users. The Second one is for 512kb/s and the third and last selection is for 56k modem users.

I know when you first look at the files page it seems like alot of files. Laguarda is a huge server with lots of areas and tons of stuff for all its players. once you download the files then all youll have to do from this point on is download a new PWC now and then or an occasional hak.