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Greetings everyone, I am the developer of a new browser based game called Legendary Voyage, the game is scheduled for release in July (computer gods willing). We have been having BETA testing weekends and have an open BETA planned for May/June. About Legendary Voyage Role Playing Games have always been a voyage of discovery for me, and that is something I know a lot of people play such games for. This is why Legendary Voyage is all about discovering, trying new things and generally exploring the game. We have done away with an Experience bar and replaced it with Discovery Points, each time you discover a new "thing" you gain a discovery point.

  • Gathering resources (currently there are over 400 of these).
  • Discover a new crafting plan (over 2000 of these).
  • First time you kill a new monster.
  • In addition to this discovery points will be gained in other ways that have not been completed yet.

A bit more about discoveries. There are trainers who teach the most basic "training plans" for crafting skills, as you craft these you discover new ways to make things which leads to new crafting plans being discovered automatically, there are thousands of such plans to discover. Storyline Linked Gameplay There is a storyline, one that doesnt follow the usual "rescue the princess" or "save the world" cookie cutter type story that most RPG's seem to have these days. I don't wish to reveal too much of it here but basically you have been plucked from your life and lands by some mysterious power and you now must help the "Oracle" to find answers. Graphics / Engine The game uses a 100% custom built game engine. You may see other 2d sprite games and they generally use Flash or another third party product like Java to generate/render the content this game uses nothing fancy it will play in any browser that supports HTML/Javascript and AJAX. There are no screen refreshes, all game content is dynamically shown using AJAX. Here are some new screenshots: t_legends23.png New beach area :) t_legends24.png

New river artwork t_legends25.png

Inside a dungeon cave t_legends26.png

Zul the Boss and his two minions (shortly before I died). Click for a bigger image. Please visit http://www.legendaryvoyage.com for more information and to signup for future tests. Thanks, Decius