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#11 2 years ago

The F2P thing is pissing me off as well, although in the place of a video game publisher I'd probably do the exact same thing as it just makes so much sense for your business: have a bunch of poor kids with time to spare? Use them to fill your empty servers and create some cannon-fodder. Have some dudes with money and 2 hours in which they want to feel like they can accomplish something? Sell them the latest set of weapons. There is a yin-yang kind of beauty in that business model.

The really sad part is addiction. There are a few guys who spend crazy amounts of money on F2P games even though they are not rich, they just need to collect everything, need to have everything as soon as possible and need to feel that they are worth something by parading around their items and boosting their stats. Companies specifically target these people as they create so much revenue.

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#12 2 years ago

With a free-to-play game, you really need to expect monetisation. That is the only way to make such a game work. One example is Team Fortress 2. It is free, so you need to expect the game to be as much a Hat Trading Simulator as it is a team-based shooter.

With a game where you already paid money for the game in the first place, I want the entire game in the box. I am not going to buy the game, and be expected to keep buying the game again and again to get this gun, that ship, and those costumes. THEN, to top it all off, the game you paid money for in the first place starts throwing loot boxes at you, which you need to use real money to buy the keys for those loot boxes. That is why I generally don't play multiplayer games.


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