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Linage2 Interlude the best online game

wallpaper491024so7.jpg Shot at 2007-08-01 Players create a character as their avatar in the game's medieval-style virtual world. Humans, Elves and Dark Elves start off in the Kingdom of Aden while Dwarves and Orcs start off in the Kingdom of Elmore (Elmore was an entirely different continent until recent versions of the game that have since joined Elmore to Aden). Players can choose from either fighter or mystic professions at the start, except for Dwarves which are only able to select the fighter profession. This choice acts as an archetype for later profession options. Each race has its own set of classes, even if humans, elves and darkelves have a lot of classes which are very similar to their counterparts in the other two races. Players have a variety of things they can do for fun in the game. They play alone or as part of a group to fight monsters and complete quests for new skills, experience points, and items. Player versus player (PvP) is a significant portion of the game. The game provides many social/politic/economic aspects which are developed through the community and by the actions in-game of single players. Lineage II features siege warfare like the original. To make sure PvP stays under control, the design includes a Karma system that provides negative consequences for killing other players when they are not fighting back.

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its a free server you can download the game and the patch form the L2AnGels| L2 Angels website

Server Specifications: ->150x Xp Rate ->150x sp Rate ->300x Adena Rate ->Support siege castle ->Support strider/wyvern ->Support seven signs ->Subclass support ->Custom GMShop with good price ->c4 and c5 castles siegeable ->Custom Tatoos ->Not corrupt gm's ->Custom Npc buffer ->Npc Enchant Trader ->Protection against adena reset ->Original events ->Clan skills

robincopyym5.jpg Shot at 2007-08-01 Have Fun on L2AnGels!!

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Sounds like a probably illegal private server advertising, heh ? Reporting just in case...