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#1 7 years ago

Hey all, does anyone know lineage 2? here's a little explaination ! lineage 2 is a MMORPG with good graphics and a great gameplay. its a server where you can simply kill monsters, because you want to grow strong, but it is also a game where you can kill other players, or get killed by other players. ofcourse you have some private servers too! Here's one of those private servers.

Lineage 2 forever is just open (last week it opened) and we want YOU to join this server! Here's a little promo video of this site!

take a look at , and get strong and KILL other people !

Leave a post if you are going to try or not, thanks ^^

Hope to see you ingame


Rikkert cool.gif

PS: you can PM my charactername ingame. my charactername is Rikkert.biggrin.gif

See ya!cool.gif