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Lineage2 Chronicle Freya

**** RATES **** Exp: x45 SP: x45 Party Exp: x5 Party Sp: x5 Adena: x300 Spoil: x10 Drop: x5 GrandBoss Drop: x1 Quest Rewards: x5 Items Features

Success and Safe Enchant. Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +16 Succes Normal: 66% Succes Blessed 80%

Special Item in Event Shop to increase succes rate from +3 to +9


* All skills functional. * All enchant routes. * Most GE locations. * Territory Wars. * All epic Raids (Including Frintezza).. * Improved Pets. * Skill Transfer System. * Subclass Skill Certifications. * Quests for Noble * Cursed Weapons. * Agumentation System (Weapon/Jewelery) * Medal Event * All New Agathions in Misc Shop * Jetbike in Misc Shop


*Auto Loot (Auto Pickup). *Buffs 2H (except Summon and Dwarf Buffs). *Anti-Bot System. *Offline Trade. Set your private store and click “Exit”. *Custom drops in Seed of Annihilation (Craft Materials for Vesper and Attribute Crystals, Top Grade LS) *Recipes to craft Attribute Crystals in Medal Event Shop *Custom Freya Raid *3 custom raids in Seed Of Annihilation

Armor and Weapons:

*From D too S Grade in Misc Shop *Special Npc for Special Ability and Unseal above S grade *Moirai S80& Vesper in Misc Shop for Materials (just keymats) *Moirai and Vesper can be farmed in 80 Zones *80+ raids drop Vorpal S84 Armor *Mystiques small Epics drop Vorpal Armor and new S84 Weapons *Epic Raids & Raids in Seed of Annihilation drop Elegia Armor and new S84 weapons *Attribute Stones drops in Field of Whisper/Silence and Monastery 3

Vitality System:

* Level 1 – 100% increase in experience gain. * Level 2 – 150% increase in experience gain. * Level 3 – 200% increase in experience gain. * Level 4 – 300% increase in experience gain.

RateRecoveryPeaceZone 10x

Potion to regain Vitality in Misc Shop cost 100kk

Working on:

* All Kamalokas. * All Pailaka's * TvT Disabled untill community grows

EPIC RAIDS Like Baium, Antharas, Valakas, Spawn Every 5 DAYS!

>>> L2 Mystique <<<


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thats for sharing