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THE LAST MAN STANDING TACTICAL CLAN LMS is currently recruiting for the newly added division of Americas Army. LMS currently host other games such as Desert Combat Final(BF1942), Counter-Strike: Source, Medal of Honor, and Call of duty. LMS is a tactical clan that has been around since October 2003, and still growing. We are a community based clan with over 100 members. There is no age requirement as all it takes is the level of maturity we are looking for. Also note that no minimum amount of game HONOR is required Requirements Include: 1 - DSL connection or Better "56k dosent work to well" 2 - Teamspeak Installed "Its free get it HERE" 3 - Ability to pay the $5 a month server fee "Paypal or snail mail" 4 - Team Mentality Contact Us: Email: [email="Nero@thelms.com"]Nero@thelms.com[/email] Teamspeak: (Ask for Nero or G-Death) Web Site: Http://www.thelms.com