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#21 12 years ago

Lots of them around. The new game Warfront: Turning point is based on an alternate universe where the Nazis have gone from loosing in 44-45 back to winning. Giant Zepplins, flying wings and similar stuff. There's Command and Conquer red alert I and II which is based on having the cold war turned over to nutters. Bionic dolphins, mind control, nukes etc. There's the classic Total Annihilation if you don't have a copy of it. Large scale traditional warfare and base building (hundreds of units). Future combat with nothing too silly (tanks, planes, artillery, ships, subs, nukes). It's a 1997 game and the core contingency expansion pack does add a lot to it so it may not be the easiest to get hold of.

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#22 12 years ago

AXIS VS. ALLIES!! If your looking for a strategy game that involves WW2, then you need to look for Axis vs. Allies. You can also go with Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. But your best off going with Axis vs Allies.


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#23 12 years ago

You should really try Company of Heroes. I've played it and its the best RTS IMO (though I don't play many RTS games) Its nominated for game of the year on many sites and other awards so its worth a try or DL the demo here: http://www.gamespot.com/pages/gamespace/download.php?pid=927618&sid=6157004&mode=latest or here http://files.filefront.com/Company+of+Heroes+Single+Player+Demo/;5473388;;/fileinfo.html