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#1 12 years ago

I´m looking for engaged, individual modders who like to make a huge Dark Messiah modification.

Don´t you agree that Dark Messiah has so much more potential than the developers made out of the engine?

Didn´t you had the feeling that the end of the game came too fast? Wasn´t there the feeling of beeing not satisfied at the end?

Well, i have the solution. Making Dark Messiah not only a great (but short!!!) action adventure, but a big free playable RPG.

The Idol? Do you know Arx Fatalis? The story is very well. The world is great, dark and interesting. The characters are believable. Very often you had the feeling of "damn, is that cool!" Some quests were very shocking and the world was spooky. But the graphics? The fighting and mage system?

Totally bullshit. You couldn´t even win a fart with it.

What about combining the great source engine, the thrilling swordfights, the good presentation of Dark Messiah, with the dark, good story and the rpg character of Arx Fatalis?

I have so much ideas to work out.

So, if you have interest, answer this forumentry or mail me at: [EMAIL="Cedric-Schulte@web.de"]Cedric-Schulte@web.de[/EMAIL] or MSN:


Well, i´m looking forward hearing from you.