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#1 11 years ago

Hello, My name is [_CK_]Chuppaloops. I am the executive officer with Cereal Killerz. We are currently seeking new recruites to join our family. We are a AA clan, but also open to other games. We have 1 honor server and 1 non honor. Also a 50 slot ventrillo server. Our clan is a very tight nitched group of members, who value friendship and the enjoyment of the game. We have only a few things you would need to have to join. 1.be at least 18 years old 2.have a mic, or in the process of getting one 3.be able to post and play or be on vent 2 times a week. 4.be respectful to all players and team members 5.be mature!!! FOR MORE INFO: So come check us out!!!http:Untitled Document -xfire- jasfate2003 [EMAIL="email-jasfate2003@yahoo.com"]email-jasfate2003@yahoo.com[/EMAIL]