Lord Of The Rings 3 (GBA) What is Your Strongest Character & Weapon? 1 reply

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#1 13 years ago

[COLOR=purple]Whats Your Strongest Character And Weapons???[/COLOR] My Strongest Character Is Gandalf, holding [COLOR=blue]glamdring[/COLOR], [COLOR=red]branded magestaff of the sea[/COLOR][COLOR=black], [/COLOR][COLOR=blue]wizard robes of bilroy the brown[/COLOR][COLOR=black], [/COLOR][COLOR=red]imperial helm of the wizards[/COLOR][COLOR=black], [/COLOR][COLOR=green]strengthened doublemail[/COLOR][COLOR=black], [/COLOR][COLOR=green]crystalline talisman[/COLOR][COLOR=black], [/COLOR][COLOR=red]fisherman's chain gloves of the valley[COLOR=black],[/COLOR] artillerist's sollerets of pelennor[/COLOR] :feedback: :saber:

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does anyone even play gba?