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#1 12 years ago

new game of Lords has opened up! If you're not familiar with the original version, Lords is a free text-based game, where you play as Medieval Lords, attacking other lords, buildings trade routes, researching technologies, buildings palaces, training generals and armies, and much more! But the Expansion Pack of this game has just opened with many new features! New things to expect in our game: Cavalry units such as paladins Siege units like Trebuchets and Scorpians New Buildings, including towers Many new techs, such as Squires and Border Patrol Faction wars made a reality! Those are but a few of the changes we have in mind. But we don't get any of those unless we can show the game owner that we can get a lot of players. That is why we need you to join and help make this a reality! And if all goes according to plan, come Round 2, there will even be custom civs! The perfect mix of Age of Empires and Lords. So stop by at http://worldoflords.com/ps3 Remember, none of these new changes will take place unless we get help from you! So come give this fun game a try! :)