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#1 12 years ago

There used to be this old text-based game I played back in the day. If only I could remember the name of it! I'm going to describe some of the events as best as I can remember: I remember there we're multiple portal doors that would transport you thorugh time and space into different worlds in the game. -At the very beginning of the game you started out in a prep shop where you could buy certain equipment off the bat instead of finidng it as you go. Some of it included a brown paper bag lunch, a shovel, a flashlight (or batteries), or a Groucho mask. -One of the worlds was a swamp world and there was a flamming chiuaua there, that should tip people off who've played the game. In this world there was alos a fungus kingdom, a shanty tavern/motel, and a tower in which the creator of the game resided -There was also a desert world that was very Dune-esk. In it there was a city named "Sandy Ego" and out past the city was barren dessert and some mountains. Out in the desert there were multiple runes you could explore and also nomas riding giant worms (thus the Dune referenece). -One world had a battle raging in it involving small men who looked like Groucho and had a fish for a God fighting a bunch of bugs. -One world was space. You could go to the moon. There was a wizard in a toilet on the moon... -Another was the sun, you died instantly. -This other world was made of floating isalands and was inhabitied by people who had hammer-head shapped heads. I wound up in jail and couldn't get out. Teh suck. -There was also this whacky world that was like that Simpons episode when Homer falls behind the book case and becomes 3D. This world was just plain ridiculous and all it was were a bunch of shapes, a giant hole, and a water fountain. -This last world I remember was this "behind the stage" area of the game. There was a lot of maitenance junk and lotsa buttons. There would be security bots that would show up randomly and you could fight them off or give 'um a donut and they'ed whirl off. This game was probably the best text based game I ever played. Hands down. You had to eat to maintain energy and drink if you were thirsty. I should also mention that although it was text-based it also had graphics to go with it. Point-and-click too. If ANYBODY can help me track down this game it would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you.


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#2 12 years ago

Dunno but it sounds good, I'd also like to know. Only one I remember that I liked was ZORK.