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4th August 2006

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#71 10 years ago
Serio;5374712Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and Red Alert 3 both used live action. As did Command & Conquer 4. I'm not sure about the earlier games though.

Well, C&C Generals was the only "break from the norm" when it came to FMVs. They were done using the game engine, and the same for briefings etc.

I must confess though, C&C4 had the worst FMV work of all C&C games to date. They just felt crap! A bit like the game really... The only redeeming feature was Joe Kucan's ever brilliant role as Kane. I think that's why I'm so disappointed in C&C4. The last of the Tiberium Saga, and it ends with such a shite game, with shitty FMV too.:mad:

Still, in regards to Lucas Arts... I sincerely believe that if they were to remake most of their folio of games - update the engines (or use new ones), the gameplay etc like has been done with the Monkey Island games so far, they'd probably see a big resurgence in their popularity. Let's face it, they did some really popular and truly entertaining games in the past. They really need to let the newer generations of gamers play those games in a modern environment without requiring SCUMM VM or workarounds of other sorts. I know I'd definitely buy those games all over again!


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#72 10 years ago

I got Fate of Atlantis to work on my iphone, but then I had to wipe it for the update and there isnt a jailbreak yet.