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#1 13 years ago

Magic Bullets is recruiting !! We are a multinational fun clan (match every once in a while). We own a 40 slots ET server in America. We are considering buying a ET:QW server later. If you are looking for a clan visit our website and join us !

Server IP: connect.png (to connect with this button you need sl.Gamelauncher)

Tag: MB| (Magic Bullets) Website: Magic Bullets Email: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Xfire: ericcro

Our name is Magic Bullets and we are a fun clan playing mostly Enemy Territory. In our clan there are two levels:

* Silver Bullets * Magic Bullets

When you join our clan you will first start off like Silver Bullets member. You will need to show commitment and prove your skill to became a member of Silver Bullets. Joining SB is the first step to becoming MB.

We expect our members to financially participate in the costs associated with running this clan. Dues for SB are $15 for 6 months, or $25 per year. Dues for MB are $5 per month, $30 for 6 months, or $50 per year. If you move from SB to MB, any un-used portion of dues paid will be credited towards your new status. To be certain your money is used for game server you will need to pay the amount onto our hosting account.

visit us ! :cool: