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#1 13 years ago

How do I get my mission name and the briefing picture with map info to appear on loading screen. ===================================================================== At the moment the game is not looking in the right place for the mission name, so it's just shows the filename of the map in the selection screen. To work around this you use "Text Tool" and create a BIN file and place it alongside your NPJ file. Note:- They are not like BIN files associated with CD Burning ect. If your map file is named "TD-ScaryIsland.npj" then the BIN file should be saved as "TD-ScaryIsland.BIN". Make sure you include and distrubute the BIN file with your map for all to see. 01.) Download the BHD tools from DF Barracks, doing a google will help. 02.) Extract the contents of the BHD tools to a new folder and run the "Text Tool.exe" 03.) Once open go to >Edit >Groups. 03.) Double click the "<<>>" in the window that pops up. 04.) In the next box type "info" (without the quotes ""). Hit OK. 05.) Hit OK on the "Groups" box 06.) On main window, select "info" in the "View Group" box. 07.) Double click the "<<>>" in the main window. 08.) In the following popup window enter "title" as the ID (without quotes ""). 09.) Whatever you enter into the "text" box will be what is displayed as the name on the map loading screen. TextTool will read like this: ID: title TEXT: AS-myMission_name POSITION: 0,0 JUSTIFYtype: left GROUP: info 10.) Now go to >File >Save All, save it anywhere for now. 11.) Now hit >File >Save BIN and save the BIN file as the same name as your map file and into the same folder. It should now work. As for the breifing screen with the map info.. unfortunately it won't work unless the server and clients also have the picture. If you still want to make and include it with your map then just make a PCX image file, with the same name as your maps filename and in the same folder.