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#1 7 years ago

Unless you, as a mass effect fan, kept your nose in the sand for the past few days you have noticed there has been quite a bit of hate regarding the ending to Mass Effect 3 and thus, the series itself.

I've played the ending and without giving anything away, my opinion is reminds me of an m night shyamalan end-movie "twist" and the same level of quality you'd expect from his movies nowadays.

For those who've played the game through its entirety, I'd love to hear your views on what you thought of the ending or endings if you've been hardcore enough to already go through multiple playthroughs.

Spoilers are allowed. I noted a warning in the thread title.

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#2 7 years ago

yeah, we've touched on the endings a bit in the other mass effect thread but I gotta agree it definently had that "twist" feel and not in a good way either. I'm simply baffled and dissapointed by those endings. Seriously, how did they screw them up so severely? I already posted my rant in the other thread but I may just put it over here if it sticks around. I think the worst thing about them though is the amount of damage that last ten minutes inflicted. I can't bring myself to import the rest of my characters because of those terrible endings. I think this is the first time i've ever encountered a game that gave me such a negative vibe after playing it.

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#3 7 years ago

I completed ME3 yesterday, and quite frankly I found the ending to be satisfying – the one where Shepard sacrifices himself to control the Reapers anyway / Paragon choice. It made me feel very sad afterwards since it was emotional.

What wasn't as satisfying however, was discovering that pretty much all three endings are the same with a few little details excepted. Surely the endings could've been much more different, and I wouldn't really mind seeing the Normandy crash somewhere NEAR EARTH instead of in the land of nobodies.

Pretty much every single person and the fleets of every species were at the battle of Earth, yet Normandy was in the middle of an FTL travel between Sol and another system? That doesn't add up, IMHO, nor has it been explained.

But beside that, the bit before the ending as well as the ending itself were both emotional, which I do like to experience with an RPG.

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#4 7 years ago

I may as well quote myself from the other thread.


As an emotional experience the ending fails in a way that you'd have to completely re-write it to fix. Even if your two squad-mates survive the ending - even if you survive the ending - it doesn't change the main problem with the ending: The fact that the ending is narrowed down to three - essentially empty - choices that have nothing, really, to do with how you've played the game up to that point (other than your rather artificial wartime scores). It doesn't matter whether you're the most renegade bastard who ever lived or the greatest paragon of justice - your choices are still to destroy all the synthetics, to merge people with the AIs, or to take over the AIs. And Shepard reacts roughly the same right up until that final choice where you decide which option to walk towards - regardless of how you've played her. It doesn't matter if you've united the Geth and the Quarians, it doesn't matter if you've saved the Rachni, it doesn't matter if you've ... at the end of the day all anything you've ever done changes is whether you have enough wartime readiness to let you walk in a different direction. Remind me again how that makes sense? Why should the size of the fleet I have outside the window make the slightest difference which option I can walk towards anyway? And what provides these choices? Some out of the blue AI, that you've never seen or heard of before - with some trumped up tale about how synthetics and organics will always destroy each other. It shows up - provides a totally vapid argument for its motive - and then gives you three nonsensical options to solve the conflict in a flash of light. You know, no wonder the Reapers didn't want to explain themselves. [INDENT]"It's beyond your comprehension." "Try me." "Synthetics destroy organics to ensure organics don't build synthetics that destroy organics." ".... Yeah, I'd be embarrassed too, big guy. Also, not all synthetics."[/INDENT] It's a pity - because there were so many ways they could have ended it. So many ways that would have made more sense - that could have reflected the actions of Shepard in the games.


But.... Heh. I almost said they'd written themselves into a corner at the final moment just now. Yet, in truth, it's not the final moment is it? This sort of thing was visible in ME2, too. After setting Cerberus up as the most evil bastards to ever live in the first game, the idea of Shepard running off with them to play in ME2 stretched belief. That Joker joined up with them just because they'd let him fly rendered him down from a loveable joker into an amoral arsehole, that Chackwas (or whatever her name is) joining up with them after they'd murdered so many soldiers rings somewhat off true, that.... Fundamentally they ruined the characters they were setting up in ME1 in ME2, and I don't think there's much way around that. People tended to excuse the flaws in ME2 at the time by saying they were just doing it while they worked on the third game - but after DA2.... Really people should have seen their screwup coming a third time. Bioware tend to be good writers. But, I suspect, the unpleasant truth is they tend to be really shitty storytellers.


There are other problems with the story - WSOD is repeatedly blown out of the water, the dialogue isn't up to their usual standards, and after ME2 I honestly find it hard to care about the characters anyway - they're so distant from the characters I liked in ME1. But as far as the ending goes....

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#5 7 years ago

Some of us have been discussing the ending for a few days now. Some good info can be found over at this thread on the last few pages (including some good theories of how it really ended/will end?):


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#6 7 years ago

My biggest letdown, in a game that prided itself on how choice was an integral role to the gameplay experience, hardly referenced any of your choices in the final battle scenes (like seeing krogan kick ass the next street over or geth sniping from rooftops). And as for the final ending itself, again, the same thing, all 3 endings kinda sent the same, awkward confused message to me and it didn't give me any closure to my three game story arc as i now feel inclined to skip ME1 whenever i feel like a series replay due to how little i felt it contributed to the conclusion to the franchise. The weird thing for me was that the ending that had been portrayed throughout the entire game as the evil ending, suddenly turned out to be the paragon choice (control) whilst the goal you had been striving for (destruction) struck me as renegade.

Although, a quote from the bioware forums made me smile: "The ending sequence should just ask you what colored lightning you want your galactic genocide served with."

(also: n0e, 17000 posts! gratz :3 )

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#7 7 years ago

Ending appears to have been as planned, rather than running out of money or something

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Just the bit on the ending:

'One night walters scribbled down some thought on various ways the game could end with the line "Lots of speculation for Everyone!" at the bottom of the page.'

In truth the final bits of dialogue were debated right up until the end of 2011. Martin sheen's voice-over session for the illusive man, originally scheduled for August, was delayed until mid-November so the writers would have more time to finesse the ending.

And even in November the gameplay team was still experimenting with an endgame sequence where players would suddenly lose control of Shepard's movement and fall under full reaper control. (This sequence was dropped because the gaemplay mechanic proved too troublesome to implement alongside dialogue choices).


So yeah, they just didn't have clue how to finish it - by the sound of things.

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#8 7 years ago

Cue pissed-off fanboy responses in 3...2...1...

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#9 7 years ago

It's interesting to note that many of the people who were around in the old Baldur's gate days have gone off to another company in order to overhaul it....

Announcing Baldur?s Gate: Enhanced Edition? « Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition News

Sorta makes you wonder whether there was a relatively small group of people pulling a lot of the weight....

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#10 7 years ago

As I posted in the other thread - I was hoping for a different sort of ending. But I am content with the synthesis ending I got.

And as an idea for those who are frustrated - great games do not necessarily need great endings.

Some of the best games I have played had endings which weren't all that great: Baldur's Gate Planescape Torment

to name a few.


Nemmerle;5621803 So yeah, they just didn't have clue how to finish it - by the sound of things.

Which is not unusual for anything entertainment related that evolves into a series. Especially if it has some mystical or unexplained elements as key parts of the story.