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#1 2 weeks ago

<p>Diablo 2's Median XL mod is getting a huge overhaul next month, and will make some pretty impressive updates to the game engine as part of the update.</p>

<p>While Median XL isn't a new mod, the new enhancements will be moving everything over to something dubbed the Sigma Engine, which removes a lot of the limitations of the original game engine.</p>

<p><span class="fr-video fr-fvc fr-dvb fr-draggable" contenteditable="false" draggable="true"><iframe width="640" height="360" class="fr-draggable" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe></span>

<p>This gives the team the ability to offer bigger inventories, larger rooms, and other improvements and enhancements, with a bounty system, split spell timer and other new features on the way.</p>

<p>The new enhanced version will be coming next month, January 18th, but in the mean time, enjoy the trailer above showcasing some of the team's work.</p>

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