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2nd July 2006

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#1 10 years ago

Just the messenger ;)

The time for change has come! Check out the my site: Mod-Tools | Petro-Gamers

Alamo Object Viewer 1.0: Yes, the time has come indeed. After many months of coding, my Alamo Object Viewer 1.0 is completed (enough), so I hereby release it.


Overview of new features:

  • Particles. Note: only the most common UaW particles are supported so far.
  • Sounds!
  • Support for Universe at War.
  • Support for Mods. Select the 'active game/mod' from a menu.
  • Works under Vista! Bones are readable.
  • Auto-finds animations.
  • Full list of bones, meshes, proxies and dazzles. Turn each on or off and show the bounds of meshes.
  • Extended and improved model details.
  • Shadow mesh debugging.
  • Easy animation playback. Double-click for looping, single-click for play once.
  • Exact camera positioning. For taking easy and consistent screenshots.
  • Full render options. Control AA, Bloom, shadows, heat and Shader LOD.
  • Debug Log. Find out why a shader failed to load or how many frames an animation has.
  • Improved support for old video cards.
  • Quick ALT & LOD select. Check quickly how a certain ALT or LOD looks in-game.

If you find bugs or have suggestions, you can contact me on the site!

Wunderbar! Since the germans make up a substantial part of the Petroglyph modding community, Raziel Kanos's been so nice to translate my tools into German. Both English and German are in the same executable. It picks the language based on Windows's language.

Site move: With the new tools, I felt it was time to upgrade my site. It looked plain, amateuristic and the domain reflected that too. So, Petro-Gamers was nice enough to give me a place to put it all, so hence the new address:

Mod-Tools | Petro-Gamers

The old links will stay active for a while, but you'd better change them if you have bookmarks or such.


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#2 10 years ago