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#1 10 years ago

Didnt see any topics for this, but i know of 2 closely related sports games. Most players are from Finland, but theres a good UK population. (kiekko=Hockey in Finnish) Internet Hockey <- Ice Hockey, 1000+ active users at one time - multiplayer soccer game <- The football version, recently updated. 100+ active users at peak. Low amount due to lack of advertising and the fact that its 75% Finnish people, whos national sport is Ice Hockey. Both are unbelievably easy to register for, requiring less time than registering for this forum. You play as 1 player on a rink/pitch. The rest of the players are also user controlled (except the keeper). Player is controlled by your mouse movement, and kicks controlled with right/left click. So easy to play but takes a while to get used to. You can also join a team with other users. There are 3 user-organised leagues, and an annual international competition involving 4 teams. We hope to see this reach 8 teams by mid-2009. My username on is Soriano