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#1 2 weeks ago

Today, on 1 March 2019, the venerable video game database MobyGames celebrates 20 years online. Founded in 1999 by Jim "Trixter" Leonard and Brian Hirt, MobyGames has accumulated a vast and ever-growing database of video games and various associated pieces of information from 1951 onwards, in particular focusing on older titles, while auto-scraping some popular digital storefronts like Steam and PlayStation Network has helped keep up with more recent releases. A recent addition to the system is a free API for easier data access for developers of applications and other websites. 

Trixter even posted a retrospective article on his blog to commemorate the event, and you can see some of the database metrics in the official celebratory tweet below:

As of today, MobyGames has been documenting video games for 20 years!! In total we have nearly 200,000 games from 266 platforms meticulously documented. Here's to another 20 years!

What's next and a request for your help:

— MobyGames (@MobyGames) March 1, 2019

For many years, MobyGames has enforced an approval system, with select trusted community members having access to controls that can approve or decline a data submission, which for the most part leads to a more credible set of information rather than sticking to unverified claims like the infamous "end-of-the-month" release dates, and refuses to accept data that can not be proven unlike some other databases. Even when something is deemed inaccurate, anyone can file a correction claim, assuming enough proof is provided, and thus help improve the site.

I myself am a contributor and approver on the site, and I keep learning something new about games and their developers on a near-daily basis. In this age when endeavours of archiving and verifying are cast aside in favour of quickly mangled content in text or video with little regard for fact, I believe there's a place for a community of people who value games enough to store as much knowledge as can be found for this ever-moving medium.

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#2 2 weeks ago

Cheers to another 20 years of documenting games! I am by all means supportive of preserving games in one way or another, especially making sure any data is accurate and verified.