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#1 12 years ago

There really isnt too much discussion concerning some really good mods on here beyond the metioned Rome: Total Realism. I came across two that are just outright amazing and will add tons of playability and fun for those who still like to play the Rome: TW

1) If you've ever wanted to see an extremely in-depth, beautiful, and epic LOTR mod for Rome:TW it would be worth checking out The Fourth Age: Total War:

2) If you love playing the Greeks and yet dont think they get enough depth and unit variation in Rome then this mod, called the Extended Greek Mod (or XGM), is specifically for you:

What I liked most about these mods is that not only do they both feel and look professional but also you dont need to mess with your R:TW files too much. Both will play with the other installed and both actually have a switch on and off for the other words you can go from playin the Extended Greek Mod one minute to then opening the original R:TW

*Note: The XGM mod is for R:TW and the FA:TW mod is for R:TB - BI*