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#1 2 years ago

There's a new video out which shows a bunch of new details, it's quite long so I'll summarise it here before posting it;

So it comes from an anonymous source at Reddit who, while allegedly verified, may mean it's a load of BS, however, allegedly...

- The console will use cartridges (I have to say I find this one very unlikely) - They are aiming for games to play at 1080p 60fps - Will play games at 900p on the handheld controller screen - Wil cost $299 for base console with bundles being around $399

So yeah, as I say, take with a pinch of salt, but if true, very interesting indeed...

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#2 2 years ago

IIRC they applied for a patent relating to cartridge tech so that one might actually be true.

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#3 2 years ago

Okay, so this is where Nintendo's obnoxious multi-console line-up gets confusing. Is the NX a new Wii, or a new 3DS? Is it better than the New3DS? Or is it a Wii U extension?